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28. October

Koncert “30stka” WARSZAWA

Klub Progresja, Warszawa


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Ewa Farna

Ewa Farna is a Polish-Czech singer, producer and author. Ewa is Polish by nationality, has Czech citizenship and belongs to a local ethnic minority. As a fresh 13-year-old, she debuted with the single “Měls mě vůbec rád”, which topped the most listened to songs at the time, and her eponymous album was certified 2x platinum with over 70,000 sales in one year. She won the Best New Artist Award at the most popular czech awards Český Slavík. In 2007 as a 15-year-old went on a solo tour as the youngest singer ever.



31 March

Best Female Artist of The Year

Thanks to the votes of the fans, Ewa became the Female Artist of the Year at the Žebřík Awards. In addition, she also received a statuette for the third place in the category SONG OF THE YEAR for the song Zázraky, which she sang with David Stypka for the fairy tale Největší dar.

21 February

Evropa 2 - Radio Music Awards

After last year's victory in the Music Video category for the song Tělo, Ewa wins the category for Female Artist of The Year and takes home the statuette of Radio Evropa 2. Thanks to all the fans for their votes!


12 November

Český Slavík Awards

Ewa wins an award for second place at famous Český Slavík Awards.


30 under 30 & Most Influential Women according to FORBES

Ewa was included in the 30 under 30 list, which Forbes regularly compiles, recognizing 30 people in science, sports, culture or business under the age of 30. This year Forbes also included Ewa among the Most Influential Women in the Czech Republic.

27 April 2022

Czech Grammy for the Best Female Artist

Ewa received the most nominations for the Ceny Anděl 2021 (czech Grammy Awards) for her album UMAMI and thus became the favourite of this year. She was nominated in 4 categories: Album of the Year, Best Female Artist of the Year, Music Video of the Year and Song of the Year. Ewa won the Best Female Artist category and perform on the gala evening.


Ambassador of L'oreal Paris

Ewa became the ambassador of the iconic mascara Volume Million Lashes for their Polish and Czech market. This is one of the first decorative beauty products Ewa ever used when she started wearing makeup for performances as a teenager. Now she has become their face. Even at 15, Ewa said in the interview she loved her eyes and eyelashes and added with a smile that she was waiting for a commercial where they would notice their naturally thick lashes.

spring 2022

Awards for the record Umami

Ewa wins "Music video of the Year" for her song "Tělo" at the biggest radio station's awards Evropa 2. She also wins 1st place at the Žebřík Awards in the "Female Artist of the Year" category and 3rd place for "Album of the Year". Ewa is also awarded at the Jantar Awards for her album Umami.

February 2022

Ewa's own brand of candles MMNT

"The idea to create my own candle brand was born a few years ago. I was leading a life on the road, always in different surroundings, so I took candles with me to calm myself down and, with a particular scent, to have at least a piece of home with me. Candles are my daily companion. " MMNT is not just a name, but a desire to make people feel more comfortable and aware of the moments that make life more beautiful. We want to support the idea of enjoying the small, pleasant moments we experience every day.

28 January 2022

Polish album Umami

Almost two months separate the Polish and Czech premieres of Umami. Ewa has been promoting the album in both markets in the advanced stage of pregnancy, and the Polish album features an additional surprise - a fetauring with popular musician Krzysztof Zalewski in the song Smutna piosenka.

26 January 2022

Single Na skróty

She worked on the dance track with Mikołaj "TRIBBS" Trybulec and Jan Vávra. "We're currently living in a reality that's heavily hyped. Feeding on headlines, hashtags, clickbait, we often tend to miss the heart of the matter because we lack the time to delve deeper. And that's what this piece is about. It's a bit ironic, but all in all, it's hard to disagree - that we don't have time to waste." Song "Na skróty" has also an equivalent in Czechia "Zkraceno v překladu".


December 2021

Hosting Czech Idol

This time Ewa (as a former juror) hosted the final live shows of Superstar (eqiuvalent of American Idol) in an advanced pregnancy. As part of the 10th anniversary edition, she also premiered her latest single Verze 02.

10 December 2021

Czech album Umami

After releasing singles Tělo, No ne, Verze 02, album Umami appears after 7 years. It has been met with great critical acclaim and has been described as "the pop manifesto of the rising generation".

10 December 2021

Single Verze 02

Ewa is releasing the third music video Verze 02 (Wersja 2.0 in Polish) from her UMAMI album: " It is temporarily and financially the most difficult music video I have ever recorded, the preparation part alone took six months." There she meets herself, 15 years younger. The symbolic moment when the two versions of Farna meet was achieved in the video thanks to facereplecement technology. She symbolically celebrates her 15 years on stage and takes stock of what she would talk about with her younger version.

23 November 2021

Ewa Farna is winning Best Female Artist

Ewa celebrates 15 years of her career and wins the first place in the Český Slavík popularity poll for the first time. (Lucie Bílá had won it 19 times before). After the Best New Artist of the Year, third place seven times and one silver, she wins gold.

31 August 2021

Single No nie

"No Nie" ("No ne" in Czech) is another manifesto, touching on an issue - putting ourselves first, knowing how to say no, taking care of our mental health or just letting go of fear and saying no when we feel that way. And that doesn't at all mean we have to do it ugly or with disdain.

June 2021

Ewa on Time Square Billboard

The song Tělo (polish title Ciało) opens a new Ewa's era and launches the album Umami as the first single. It has essentially become a manifesto for the bodypositive movement, in the sense of accepting those changes to the body that are beyond our control. Farna found herself on TimeSquare, New York's most coveted advertising space. Here, Spotify is promoting the Equal playlist, which fights for women's equality in the music business.

29 May 2021

Hosting Cen Anděl 2020

After the great success of last year's edition, Ewa accepted the offer to moderate the Ceny Anděl for the second time, this year's edition was partly re-directed and partly live. Only the nominated audience was present at the ceremony, wearing masks, due to the ongoing pandemic situation. Ewa also sang during the awards. Together with Mirai and Katerina Maria Ticha, they sang the song "Kříž" by the recently deceased friend David Stypka.


September 2020

Rebel & Diva

Ewa became the face of fragrance Rebel & Diva for the Polish and Czech market and signed a contract with Avon for the following year. You can watch the acoustic performance from their Polish online conference below.

20 June 2020

Hosting Czech Grammy Awards

Ewa accepted the challenge to take on the solo hosting of the prestigious Ceny Anděl (Czech Grammy Awards). Due to the pandemic situation, the show was eventually filmed and aired. Ewa composed the opening song "Kde všichni jsou?" along with Jan Vávra, Jana Infeldová and Jan Steinsdorfer. She is also the co-writer of this script for the show.

May 2020


During the pandemic, the #hot16challange2 challenge was created by Polish rappers, to which Ewa was also nominated. Artists have to write and record (at least) sixteen bars to any beat within 72 hours of being nominated. It was a fundraiser for medics and people on the frontline during the first wave of the pandemic, and even the Polish president got in on the action.

10 January 2020

Pełnia feat. Smolasty

Ewa has been invited to collaborate with a Polish pop artist & rapper who calls himself Smolasty. The video has nearly 9,000,000 views on YouTube and 5,600,000 listens on Spotify.


7 December 2019

Symphonic concert at O2 Universum

Ewa organized a big concert in Prague with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra in the new O2 Universum hall in the run-up to Christmas. As guests, she invited David Stypka, Michal Pavlíček and her father, with whom she sang a folk song for just two. The whole concert full of unusual symphonic arrangements was released on LP.

6 December 2019

Speech at TEDx

Ewa spoke as part of the Ted Talk series at TEDx Women Prague with the global theme "Bold + Brilliant". She titled her talk My Approach to Confidence.

25 February 2019

Song Ta o nás

Ewa and her husband and bandmate Martin release a video for a song that was created two years ago just for their wedding guests. Now they've decided to release the song to the wider community to announce the arrival of their first child. The song was never meant to be a single, however has garnered a great response and has enjoyed over 16,000,000 views.


autumn 2018

All together now

Ewa is filming a TV show where she is the head of a 100-strong jury of singers, performers and musicians. The diverse jury always joins in singing along with a participant if they like the performance.

26 May 2018

Ewa co-hosted the Sopot Festiwal and received a PLATINUM record

For the first time Ewa co-hosted a live broadcast in Poland, it was the biggest TV music event Festiwal in Sopot (concert "Radiowy Przebój Roku"). Ewa also sang live with the band, one of the songs was Echo with rapper KaeN, for which they took home a platinum record.


1 November 2017

Hit Vánoce na míru

Although Ewa hesitated, she was finally persuaded by her husband, who always wanted to try to write a tasteful Christmas song. And so Ewa, together with Martin Chobot, Lukas Chromek and Filip Sázavský, creates a Vánoce na míru. It became a hit virtually overnight, fans demand the song sometimes at summer concerts and the video has over 30,000,000 views on YouTube. There is hard to imagine Christmas in Czech Republic without this iconic song.

autumn 2017

Documentary about Ewa

A music documentary made to celebrate a decade on the music scene. The preparation of the anniversary concert at Forum Karlín was originally supposed to be the subject of the whole documentary. The film eventually shows that during this period she unexpectedly parted ways with her management and got on her own feet as a producer and publisher. She also got married to her guitarist Martin Chobot.... All of this in a feature film that she produced herself. As you can see, no one writes a better script than life itself. Czech title: Ewa Farna 10: Neznámá Známá Polish title: Ewa Farna 10: Skazana na busa (the same movie with Czech and Polish subtitles)

27 October 2017

Echo feat. KaeN

Polish rapper KaeN invited Ewa to collaborate and together they wrote the song Echo. It became a radio hit and has racked up almost 50,000,000 views on YouTube. They received a gold and later a platinum record for it.

12 September 2017

Hit Dobré ráno, milá

Ewa sings a beautiful duet with the not yet well-known czech singer David Stypka, who then releases his album "neboj." The joint song becomes a hit (it now has over 16,000,000 views on YouTube), and Ewa and David become close friends, performing live together several times and enjoying guest appearances at each other's concerts.

25 July 2017

Celebrating 10 years in the polish music industry

Ewa celebrates 10 years in Polish showbussines during the live TV event of the Polsat SuperHit Festiwal. On one of the most legendary stages in Opera Leśna in Sopot, where she once took one of the first awards. Today, she performs a recital of her hits in front of a packed amphitheatre and millions more in front of TV screens, and wins the Listeners' Choice Award from Poland's biggest radio station, RMF FM.

May 2017

Judge of Polish Idol

Ewa was invited to the jury of the jubilee year (10th edition) of the IDOL singing competition. The show was filmed for half a year in Warsaw including live finals.


Ewa's own radio programme

Ewa got the opportunity to broadcast her own radio show "To lubię!" once a week on Poland's largest radio station RMF FM, which has a weekly listenership of over 7 million listeners. Ewa commented on musical events with her own sense of humour, telling stories from behind the scenes of concerts and recordings or everyday experiences from her life as a singer.


Ewa as a NikeWoman

She was happy to become a Nike brand ambassador for the Czech market and together with her band she ran the Vltava run, a 30km relay race. Ewa has already collaborated with prestigious brands from various industries till 2017.

January 2017

Title song for the film

Ewa sang the title song ( in polish and czech version) for the movie Wszystko albo nic (czech version "Všechno nebo nic"). The Czech-Slovak-Polish co-production was a perfect fit with Ewa's focus on these three markets and became a big radio hit in all three countries, garnering over 41,000,000 views on YouTube.


December 2016

Dubbing Ash in the movie "Sing!"

Ewa became the voice of Ash in the musical animated film "Sing!" in both the Czech and Polish language versions. "Sing" became Ewa's favourite fairy tale and she was happy to later accept the invitation to dub "Sing 2" in the Czech version. In original version Scarlett Johansson is Ash's voice.

11 November 2016

10th anniversary of her career

After she broke up with her first manager Leszek Wronka after 10 years, she started to realize the anniversary concert on her own for the first time. Before the successful concert at the sold-out Forum Karlín, she started a new era, where she is already managing her career completely under her own agency.

July 2016

Music video Na ostří nože with Jaromír Jágr

The video already has almost 43 000 000 views including Polish (Na ostrzu) and Czech (Na ostří nože) versions. For the first time Ewa is releasing the Polish and Czech language version of the song at the same time. The polish music video features guest appearances by, for example, Margaret, Ewelina Lisowska, Enej and Sarsa. In the czech music video starring Tomáš Klus, Ben Cristovao, Libor Bouček or czech legend, hockey player Jaromír Jágr.


6 November 2015

Album "Inna"

The fifth Polish-language release contains two discs. The first contains nine hits in jazz-acoustic versions, the second contains three premiere songs (including the single "Na ostrzu" and "Tu") and one duet. The album debuted at number 7 on the Polish OLiS sales chart.

autumn 2015

All about that bass COVER

Ewa produces the show To nEWA for internet television and in the very first episode she kicks off with a cover of Megan Trainor's "All about that bass" (Boky jako skříň) in response to numerous articles bashing her body curves. The fun lyrics were written and basically overnight it becomes a huge hit. A viral hit that has become one of the most popular in her repertoire due to its authentic subject matter. It had over 35,000,000 views on YouTube (Czechia has 10 million inhabitants), but since it can't be officially released due to copyright issues, it was removed. However, it lives on with its life, Ewa plays it on every concert and her version of the song become an iconic track in the Czech Republic.

10 April 2015

Acoustic Live

The CD and DVD "G2 Acoustic Stage" is released as one of the series of concert recordings of TV Óčko. Following the example of MTV Unplugged, it is released LIVE with acoustic versions of Ewa's songs.

2015 - 2016

Ewa joins big TV commercials

Ewa decided to join a series of TV commercials for the biggest Polish telecommunication network Play and became one of the faces of the popular campaign. In this way, short alternative music videos to the greatest hits "Cicho", "Ewakuacja", "Znak" i "Tu" were created.


7 November 2014

Album Leporelo

She releases the czech equivalent of "(W)Inna?" album, Leporelo. It is her first album released as an adult. As in previous years, this CD is also released by the Universal Music label.

September 2014

Glamour Magazine's Woman of the Year

Ewa was awarded the title of Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine. In 2015, she obtains it again and receives this beautiful award in Warsaw again.

23 August 2014

Wins an iconic prize at the Sopot Festiwal

Ewa won the legendary main prize of the Sopot Festiwal Bursztynowy Słowik Publiczności for her biggest hit "Cicho".

June 2014

Best Album at the Opole Festiwal

Nominated at the famous Opole Festiwal for the "Album of the Year" (album "(W)Inna?") and "Singer of the Year". Ewa wins the Album of the Year category. She receives the award from Wlodzimierz Pawlik - winner of the American Grammy in the Best Large Jazz Ensemble Album category.

spring 2014

Ewa as a judge in the Polish X Factor!

Ewa sat on the jury of the Polish edition of the show X Factor with Tatiana Okupnik, Czesław Mozil and Kuba Wojewódzki.


21 October 2013

Album (W)Inna?

She has been working hard all year on her new album W(inna)?, which reached number 7 in the first week of sales. It was fourth full-length album in polish and tenth overall. She released the singles Znak, Tajna misja, Ulubiona rzecz and Rutyna. She contributed more writing to it than to her previous albums.

12 August 2013

Single Znak

Ewa releases her first more fun, dancy, light number with funk elements and moves away a bit from a heavier sound. Despite initial misgivings how it will be taken by her fans "Znak" became a hit, fans grow with Ewa and the single becomes a hit with almost 17 million views on YouTube. Ewa invites fans to participate in the music video. Despite initial misgivings with the reception, the fans clearly grow with her and the single becomes a hit with nearly 17 million views on YouTube.

January- May 2013

Judge at Czech Idol

Ewa became the youngest ever judge of a TV show. She accepted an offer to join Superstar (Czech Idol), where she sat alongside Palo Habera and Ondrej Soukup. In the movie-themed final round, she agreed to perform and was a huge success with the famous Whitney Houston song (this live performance has over 5,000,000 views on YouTube).

23 March 2013

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2013

Ewa won price for "Best Polish Star" at the world-famous Kids' Choice Awards.


autumn 2012

Bitwa na głosy

Ewa became the leader of a 16-member choir, which she led to second place in the TV singing show Bitwa na głosy.


Time for school

Ewa successfully graduated from the polish gymnasium in Český Těšín. Because of the graduation and university entrance exams she refused all job offers and focused on school duties. She also got into the University of Warsaw, Law School, where she started eductaion in October 2012.

February 2012

3x VIVA Comet awards for Ewa

She won in the categories "Best Female Artist", "Best on" and "Best Ring Tone" (both for the song Bez łez). In June, she also received nominations for the Eska Music Awards in the "Best Female Artist" and "Best Album" categories (for the album "LIVE").


November 2011

MTV Europe Music Award

Ewa wins the MTV award for the "Best Polish Act". At the gala show in Belfast (Ireland) Ewa was also nominated for the "Best European Act"

September 2011

Ewa celebrating her 18 birthday on stage

Ewa celebrated her 18th birthday with a big concert in Brno (23.9.), which was later released on DVD. In Poland, the mega concert took place on 7.9. in Sosnowiec - so a live recording of the concert could also be released for Polish fans. After "Blíž ke hvězdám" (DVD) and "Virtual Tour" (TV content) this is the third live recording of Ewa's career.

May 2011

Ewa won Eska Music Awards in 3 categories

During the Eska Music Awards 2011 Ewa won three prizes! Artist of the Year, Hit of the Year ("Ewakuacja") and Hit of the Year Digital ("Ewakuacja").

26 April 2011

Hit Bez łez

Ewa releases the single "Bez łez" from the album Ewakuacja, with about 13 000 000 views on YouTube.

February 2011

Four statuettes VIVA Comet!

Ewa had a huge success in Poland the day after she hosted the Ceny Anděl Awards. She flew without sleep to Warsaw where she received 4 statuettes of the music station VIVA! Out of five nominations, she received four in the Image of the Year, Charts Award, Video of the Year ("Ewakuacja") and Album of the Year ("Ewakuacja") categories.

February 2011

Ewa co-hosting Czech Grammy Awards

As the winners of last year's Male Singer and Female Singer categories,Ewa Farna and Tomáš Klus were approached to hosting the Ceny Anděl Gala. They took the hosting role n in their own way and basically sang the whole script. It was very successful for their completely different approach.


5 November 2010

Album EWAkuacja

Ewa releases her sixth studio album (her third Polish-language album), which went straight to number 7 in the best-selling albums chart. Představuje ho rockovou skladbou EWAkuacja, která se dostala do první desítky nejhranějších skladeb! Dosáhla mimo jiné 1. místa v žebříčku AirPlay, i s klipem pak také na první příčku v žebříčku AirPlay - TV.

October 2010

Hit Ewakuacja

Ewa records the first single from her third album of the same title. It reaches the 1st place in TOP AirPlay TV. On YouTube it currently counts about 17 000 000 views and becomes one of her biggest hits.

28 April 2010

Song of the Year on the Eska Music Awards

Song "Cicho" wins Hit of the Year at the Eska Music Awards. At the same event, the band OneRepublic, who like Ewa also perform at the event, also wins the award.

12 April 2010

Ewa wins Czech Grammy

For her album Virtuální, she won her first Anděl, which is given by the Recording Academy in Czech Republic.

February 2010

Nominated for Polish Grammy Award

In February 2010 the album was nominated for the music industry award "Fryderyk" in the category: "Pop Album of the Year" and Ewa was among the nominees in the "Female Artist of the Year" category.


26 October 2009

Third czech album and life on tour

The singer's third album, Virtuální, is released and she embarks on a tour of the same name. She sells out the big hall Lucerna for the first time, records the concert and defends third place in the Český Slavík.

16 Merch 2009

Prestigious awards and DOUBLE PLATINUM for Cicho

She won at the famous Opole Festival, and received an award for Album of the Year. At the Sopot Festival Cicho became the Hit of the Summer, later it was hailed as the Hit of the Decade. All singles from this album became hits (Cicho, Dmuchawce latawce wiatr, Lalalalaj) thanks to the radio charts and the album itself gained the status of double platinum!

February 2009

Hit named Cicho

Cicho was the first single introducing her second Polish album. It really launched Ewa's career in Poland. It became the Polish Hit of the Summer at the famous Sopot Festival. Later, it even won the title of Hit of the Decade.


December 2008

First bronze at Český Slavík Awards

This year she topped off by winning the third place of the Český Slavík 2008 in the Singer of the Year category, becoming the youngest winner of this award ever.

10 August 2008

Camprock, Demi Lovato and Jonas Brothers!

She sang the official soundtrack to the Disney production Camp Rock in both Polish and Czech, and at the world premiere in London she met the heroes of the American version of Camp Rock, Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers.

březen 2008

A record with tour

In 2008 she toured Bůíž ke hvězdám TOUR for eighteen concerts. She was fourteen years old at the time, making her the youngest Czech singer ever to tour. The DVD & CD made on the tour became the best-selling album of the year. It was promoted by the new single Boží mlejny melou.

February 2008

Jaký to je & Ošklivka Katka

Ewa is recording the title song for the TV series Ošklivka Katka (Ugly Betty), composed by the famous author duo Soukup & Osvaldová.


9 November 2007

The debut in Poland

Ewa debuts on the Polish market with the album "Sam na sam", which is the equivalent of her czech debut Měls me vůbec rád with polish lyrics.


Best New Artist on TV Očko Awards

In front of a famous club Lucerna filled to the brim with people, she received the statue of the Best New Artist at the Óčko Music Awards.

1 October 2007

Album Ticho & double platinum for first album

While her first album went DOUBLE PLATINUM, less than a year later Ewa releases her second album Ticho.


9. December 2006

Best New Artist

She wins her first czech award in the Best New Artist of the Year category where people are choosing most popular artists of the year. She prepares for her first concerts.

6 November 2006

Abum Měls mě vůbec rád

Ewa releases her first album in Czech Republic. She joins an elementary school and meanwhile promote the record.

1 September 2006

PREMIERE with big hit Měls mě vůbec rád

After a year of negotiations between Ewa's parents and the producer, Ewa goes to the recording studio. At just 13 years old, she releases her first single and dominates the charts.


11 May 2005

First performance at the competition

At the regional competition Festiwal Piosenki Dziecięcej in Havířov (competition of polish community in Czech Republic, which Ewa is part of) the main prize and the audience award go to Ewa Farna. The producer Leszek Wronka, who sits on the jury, spontaneously offers her an additional prize, the recording of an album.