Ewa Farna for the whole album UMAMI:

“The UMAMI album is colourful, diverse, it’s me in the uncombed version. My goal was to combine a positive pop sound and lyrics that bring a certain message to the listener. I let go of addressing the musical style and focused on what was on my mind.” says Ewa Farna.

The singer hasn’t paid as much attention and care to any of her records in her approach to the lyrics, the songs themselves and the overall concept as she has devoted to this new release: ‘Umami is the fifth taste’, which is hard to describe. The first time we encounter it in our lives is mother’s milk. For everyone the umami of their life is something different, for me personally it is motherhood. In Czech and Polish the word “umami” sounds the same as “at my mother’s”, for me the play on words has just that meaning I needed.

Farna collaborated on the album with producers and authors from all over Europe – besides the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia, she also worked with artists from Denmark, England and Switzerland. Jenda Vávra, known from the band Jananas or from the organisation of songwriting camps in the Czech Republic, was her collaborator throughout the recording process. Apart from him, she collaborated on the czech lyrics with Tomáš Belko, Robin Král, Jana Infeldová or the debuting singer Annabelle. Czech co-writers on the album include Lukáš Chromek, Jan Steinsdörfer, Marcell and many others.

On polish lyrics she collaborated with Mery Spolsky, Margaret, Kacezet, Mikołaj TRIBBS Trybulec, Sarsą, Magda Wójcik. She is joined by a very popular singer and musician Krzysztof Zalewski in the polish version of the song “Smutna piosenka”.

“Motherhood itself has given me a lot of inspiration, because it sets a mirror to me every day and teaches me to recognize myself in different situations and emotions. In fact, such a true insight into oneself is also necessary when writing lyrics.”


The album czech version of UMAMI was released as a CD on December 2, 2021 and digitally on December 10, 2021.

The Polish version of the album UMAMI was released on 28 January 2022.

LISTEN to czech album UMAMI on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/album/1dXLykCkxmJxSHFDHPLtES?si=ksq56-hISGeykuKUPfHRZQ

LISTEN to polish album UMAMI on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7DjcsCIQT8saHsJXROfzDp?si=W546PncSRa6nvS93NPLd-A