A strong media personality and bold social media posts mean that her statements are widely commented on and the public does not go unnoticed. She is a well-known fighter who, often with distance and humor, raises the subject of body positivity, empathy for oneself and the people around, mental health and naturalness.

In the newest single ” CIAŁO” (czech title TĚLO), which announces her new album, Ewa Farna talks about her past and how many times she was judged because of her body. The track is an encouragement to accept yourself.

“It’s about celebrating the body in terms of how it functions and not just the aesthetics that the world pushes us to do. After my body brought new life into the world, I gained even more respect for it, and I am full of admiration for what it can do. My body has been oppressed by others at times and I am even ashamed that I have doubted it at times. My, albeit not slim legs got me all the way here, on my shoulders I’ve already lifted something there too, so I’m so normally grateful. All my life my body will change, change is the only thing we can hope for. So I want to be able to like or at least accept what can’t be changed.”

“The song is about accepting changes on the body that we have no control over. And something feels like for the future, this could be the number that always reminds me how important it is to try to accept how life is going to sign off on me. Thank you to all the amazing girls who shared their story and their attitude, they inspired me to do this too.”- reads the description of the video.