Soon, her sixth Polish-language album “Umami” will have its premiere.

Meanwhile, another single announcing the album has appeared online. In the video for the moving ballad titled “Wersja 2.0.” (czech title is ” Verze 02″)
There she meets herself, 15 years younger.
Because it is from the age of 13 that Ewa Farna appears on the Polish and Czech stage. The symbolic moment of the meeting of the two versions of Farna was achieved in the music video thanks to the face replecement technology, thanks to which it was possible to computerize their meeting.

“It’s interesting to me if this teenage Ewa would like to be friends with me. Maybe I’ve become someone over the years that she wouldn’t be able to get along with? Am I still true to my ventures, my dreams, my childhood ideals?
Would a young Eve appreciate the path her adult self has walked?
I think it’s important sometimes to talk to the childish version of ourselves, somewhere inside, because it allows us to remain in our truest and purest form,” adds the singer.