As the artist puts it:

“We are currently living in a heavily hyped reality. Feeding on headlines, hashtags, clickbait, we often miss the point because we lack the time to delve deeper. Millions of issues, topics, the hardships of everyday life, dilemmas, being constantly on the run, in motion, in a rush we try to find some of this time for ourselves… And that’s what this piece is about. A bit ironic, but all in all it’s hard not to agree – that we have no time to waste.”

“I made up a music video in a happy mood, because that’s what’s in my soul right now. Light, funny, a little bit tongue-in-cheek, and a little bit just for you to have fun, to dance while doing household chores. Also, I’m in a high stage of pregnancy, which makes the wannabe sexy dances look cute, or just funny ” – she adds with laugh.

The track was created in collaboration with Mikołaj Tribbs Trybulec.