Ewa Farna continues to prove that she’s not afraid to sing about whatever she wants. 

“I believe that we are often more defined by the things, proposals, behaviors we say no to than those we agree with. What we choose not to do is often invisible, and it says so much about us. Learning to say ‘no’ is hugely important so that our ‘yes’ can actually mean something,” the 28-year-old singer describes her piece and continues.
“In the clip, the challenges we face are presented in an artistic way. Whether we put an end to them is now our choice. Among other things, I appear as Eve of Eden, who this time says no to temptation, to evil. This is symbolic of that message.” The video for the song was recorded in Warsaw and was directed by Adam Romanowski.

“I refused a session in Playboy, I didn’t become the face of a fast food chain, I wasn’t drawn into the world of stimulants…. There are many things that I say no to – to live according to my system of values, to look myself in the eye, to be proud of the fact that I live my life according to my own rules.
For myself, it is worth saying “no” for the peace of my soul. And this does not mean that we have to do it ugly or with contempt.” – Eve adds.

“No Nie” (czech title is ” No Ne”) is the second single  announcing the release of the album “UMAMI”.